You can come on holiday to Pastoral Vadi twelve months of the year and always find a taste of genuine countryside living in the midst of natural beauty, and take part in our local crafts workshops from which you can gain new skills. Relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere is great for your health and, if you feel the urge, you can join in yoga or photography sessions.

During your stay at Pastoral Vadi you will be living in a place where we strive to exist in harmony with the environment, to ensure that all products we use are healthy, and as far as possible everything is recycled…

If you have never stayed on a farm before, we will introduce you to the soil, the agricultural methods and the crops – a timeless cycle. When you escape from the concrete environment of towns and cities and the high-speed lifestyle found there, you will feel yourself relax as you encounter nostalgic aspects of a slower pace of life; you will be refreshed and may even feel younger and more energetic…

The fast pace of town and city life can result in intense tiredness and fatigue which we often see amongst our guests at Pastoral Vadi.  A stay on our farm will ensure:
You live in the midst of natural beauty,
You eat natural foods,
You exercise by taking part in sports or working on the farm
In a natural environment,
You discover new skills and pastimes,
You forget about stress
You leave with renewed energy...